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SeRound the Software

Seround Roundness & Cylindricity Machine Retrofit

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SeRound the Software Retrofit is user friendly, powerful and is performance driven. It is developed in-House at Salbro Engineers and has under gone years of field tests. It provides a through interactive user interface between the user and the Instrument. All Integrated to make one precise instrument to detect and assess the following results in Roundness, Concentricity, Eccentricity, Flatness (rotating 3D profile display), Cylindricity, Straightness, Parallelism, Squareness, Coaxiality and Radial Run-out, Axial Out, Harmonics. SeRound is proficient in Data acquisition, profile filtering, and assessment of the roundness parameters and graphical presentation of the results. It also performs instrument control. SeRound’s Setup and Measure window assists the user in accurately centering and leveling the job thus saving on time and improving productivity. The measuring process is initiated by the user by a mere click of a button and displaces measure completed’ massage at the end of measuring sequence. SeRound offers options to choose the method of calculation and assessment. Roundness and Flatness assessments are carried out on 4 internationally recognized reference circles (LSC, MIC, MCC and MZC). Option to the User is able to omit unwanted data and carry out analysis with remaining data. Measured data can be saved, retrieved and re-analyzed to any of the available conditions as desired by the user.

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