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The automated Soccer

Soccer Trainer Machine

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The automated Soccer Trainer machine is a product entirely developed In-house comprising of mechanical structure, Electronics, Embedded and the User Interface software system all put together to achieve a dynamic football training machine. Product Features o Auto Calirate @ the click of a button o Tilt/Vertical movement : The angle (degs) range for Tilt movement is from -10 degs to 90 degs. o Pan / Horizontal movement : The angle (degs) range for Pan Movement is from -45 degs to 45 degs. o Ball Shooters / Rollers : The right and left roller motors run at 540 rpm to 4200 rpm o Robust Design o Well selected, motors and encoders (high PPR). o Swing,Spin the ball based on appropriate settings] o Encoder with hogh PPR for position feedback. o Heavy motors for Ball shoot rollers. Embedded n Electronic features o Well designed electronic boards o Boards are CNC manufactured. o High end micro controller to control the machine. PC User Interface Software (Win Desktop). o Interface between micro conroller n PC software is via Serial port o Lan port interfacing can also be incorporated (optional) o Three levels of trainng settings ( Baic,Advanced,Intermediate) o Create libraries of settings for Pan,Tilt,Right n Left Roller speeds o Once the settings are saved, Input the no of balls you need to feed for training, the system handles it all unmanned.Feature is Auto Ball Feed Mode o Manual movements of all motors. o Stop all motors or individual motors. Video's :

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